Water Testing Keeps Your Drinking Water Safe

Water Testing Keeps Your Drinking Water Safe

Learn about water quality testing in the Madison, WI area now

Your water goes through a complex filtration system before it flows through your home's faucets. These filtration systems, however, can develop problems over time. Hero Home Inspection provides comprehensive water quality testing services in Madison, WI. We'll make sure your water is safe from harmful substances.

To schedule your house's water quality testing, call 608-213-3272 today. We'll send samples to a lab for reliable results.

3 signs you might have unsafe water

Having unsafe water can lead to a variety of problems for your health and home. If you think your water quality might be lower than it should be, look out for these signs:

  1. Your water smells like waste or chemicals.
  2. Your water tastes metallic or bitter.
  3. Your appliances have developed hard water stains.

To learn more about our water testing process, call Hero Home Inspection today. We serve Madison, WI and the surrounding area.